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  • صورة الكاتبملاك الراشد

The Heroic Life of a Pseudo Hippie

He wakes up in a fleeting bed,

In a far away motel

Preaching strangers on the art of living:

It’s all about a loaf of bread,

And health and physical well-being.

A world-class intelligent

Living like a gypsy in most of his ways

Home and intimacy flow at random—

And he floats at ease,

Just like all the members of the Minimalism fandom.

Growing some traits of McCandless

An ever-lasting bravery,

Glorifying whatever signifies “less”

Committing his life to what seemed like an idea of celibacy,

Refraining from settlement and harmoniousness.

His worship lacked a god,

So he philosophizes his figure, instead.

Joylessly watches things slip away;

People that needed to be fed,

And a girl he once loved.

A hippie nomad facade

To cover up a need to be led

Oh, what a great life he lived.


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